VENDOR FEATURE: White Magnolia Events

I wanted to start featuring all the awesome local wedding vendors to North Florida. I hope you’ll love the interviews about who they are, their favorite local spots and more!

First up on our features is Rayven Crisafulli, lead planner over at White Magnolia Weddings & Events.

What do you do? – We guide couples through the process of creating timeless and unforgettable weddings. In a less formal way, we serve as their go-to for wedding related questions, serve as unofficial wedding therapists, and do everything we can to keep their wedding journey as smooth and stress free as possible.

How long have you been in business? – I have been a full time wedding and event planner since 2014!

What is the best part about your job? – OK, so my enneagram score is a strong 3 (achiever) with a healthy dose of 2 (helper), so one of my favorite aspects of my job is being able to help clients with their questions and find creative solutions to any wedding issues that come up. The most rewarding part, and the part that makes my achiever site happy, is seeing all of our client’s and team’s hard work pay off on the wedding day and seeing a happy couple leave the reception. 

Any funny or crazy stories you want to share? – We had a couple last year that was so much fun to work with because they wanted to incorporate nods to their favorite shows into the wedding, and they pulled everything off so well. My favorite was a Game of Thrones reference. During the reception, they had the DJ (shoutout to Genius DJs) play the Rains of Castamere while guests ate dinner. For any GOT fans out there, that was the song that played in the background during the Red Wedding and is the Lannister House song.

When we get out of quarantine, what is the first thing you are going to do? – Sushi, followed by a trip to TJ Maxx, followed by a trip to St. Augustine with my husband and 2 year old son.

Let’s talk cars, because, well, you know… – My family owns a custom car business, so I grew up around classic cars . As a kid, I was able to watch my older brother restore a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT 500 (a.k.a. Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds) from a rusted out shell that literally had a tree growing through the center of the cab, to a stunningly restored muscle car.

I remember playing inside it before he had the seats installed and pretending to drive it. I truly inherited my appreciation of cars from him. My dream car is a mustang (one of the more recent muscle-car styles, not the sleeker 90’s ones), but unfortunately the trunk space on most of them is not enough for me to haul all of my event gear in. So that will have to wait until retirement. 

What places do you like to visit in your downtime within an hour from Jacksonville? – My husband and I have a soft spot for historic St. Augustine because that was one of the first places we visited together when we were dating in high school. Our favorite place to eat there is this tucked-away bar called Rendezvous. I always get the charcuterie plate and a cider and Sean goes for the soft pretzels and some sort of craft beer (he changes his drink order each time).

How about a day’s drive? – I really enjoyed my trip to Amicalola Falls last spring. There is a state park there that has these gorgeous waterfalls coming off the side of the mountain. There is a hotel sitting on the top of the mountain that has amazing views of the  valley below. They also have these super cute cabins along the mountainside that are great for groups. While we were there we went zip-lining, hiking, and found some great local shopping nearby. 

What is your favorite car color? – A really rich red is always a favorite of mine. I also love the grey with black racing stripes of Eleanor.

What songs do you like to blast when you are driving around? – This totally depends on my mood. Some days I am jamming to the latest country music. Others I am all about Marshmello and EDM.

Where can people find you at:





Phone: 386-243-0092


If you’re looking for a fun getaway car, prop or focal point for your wedding, event, video or film, look no further than Sally. She’s a 1966 Ford Mustang convertible with a black Pony interior and power roof. can be found on social media at @Jax66Mustang

Email us at for info.

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