VENDOR FEATURE: Susan Dixon Photography

On today’s blog, we’re featuring Susan of Susan Dixon Photography. She’s been photographing families and weddings since 2008.

How did you get into that industry?  I had an amazing family photography session with my own family. I wanted to be able to offer that same thing for others!

What is the best part about your job?  creativity and flexibility

When we get out of quarantine, what is the first thing you are going to do?  go thrifting and antiquing!!!

What is your favorite local restaurant?  There are so many! I love Biscotti’s.  But there are so many more!

Favorite mom & pop shop?  Southern Crossing Antique Mall

Favorite place to get dessert?  Biscotti’s and Sivada’s Cupcakery

Favorite thing to do/place to go on a date night?  exploring and then eating at some place new

What places do you like to visit in your downtime within an hour from Jacksonville?  St Augustine; local trails

How about a day’s drive?  Savannah; the mountains; Providence Canyon State Park in Georgia; Charleston

What is your favorite car of all time: I really want a Mini Cooper! (I currently drive an old soccer-mom mini van.)

What is your favorite car color?  blue   Every single car I’ve ever owned has been blue. Not necessarily on purpose, though.

What songs do you like to blast when you are driving around?  I like variety….so whatever’s on the radio.

Anything else you want to add about anything?  I love all things vintage. I’ve really gotten more into photographing details lately

Where can people find you:
Instagram: @susandixonphotography
Facebook:  @susandixonphotography
Phone:  904-635-0680

Let’s ride!

If you’re looking for a fun getaway car, prop or focal point for your wedding, event, video or film, look no further than Sally. She’s a 1966 Ford Mustang convertible with a black Pony interior and power roof.

Find us on FB & IG at @Jax66Mustang

Email us for more info Or visit our website at

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