LGBTQ+ Friendly Weddings — Jacksonville, Fl Vendor Spotlight

I’m always amazed and heartbroken that couples have to ask their vendors whether they are gay/same sex friendly. But there’s a new company in Jacksonville that is all about putting LGBTQ+ couples together with vendors who not only do same sex weddings, but actually care.

Meet Jenn an Randi Green, of Safe Spaces Weddings, which opened in March of this year. I recently got them to open about their business, what they do and some other stuff.

Jenn & Randi Green, owners of Safe Spaces Weddings

Tell me a little bit about your business:

Jenn is an ordained minister and officiates weddings.  Additionally we coach & certify businesses to be Safe Spaces and add them to our portfolio to help couples plan their dream wedding without discrimination.

How did you get interested in this line of work?

Happenstance!  Jenn needed a new ministry after leaving church work in January.

What is something about your business that sets you apart?

We are a non profit looking to make peoples dreams come true and make our community a Safer Space for all people.  Additionally, Jenn offers premarital meetings so your wedding is personalized and unique to each couple and their love story.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Randi would say “don’t eat yellow snow” lol, but in relation to our wedding it was: “do what makes you happy- it’s your day, no one else’s.” and we pass that on to our couples.

Speaking of things that make you happy, let’s talk fun stuff!

What’s the best place to get a…

Burger: Our house!  Randi makes the burgers perfectly medium rare with blue cheese and Jenn makes balsamic onions to put on them.  They’re the bomb!  But if you don’t want to come to a stranger’s house: Randi likes BurgerFi and unfortunately Jenn only orders burgers out at McDonald’s!

Pizza: We like Al’s and V Pizza- they both have a crust isn’t too thick or too thin, & they have just right level of chewiness.

Chinese: Our house!  We haven’t found a consistently good place near us to order from so we bought a wok and have been perfecting our favorites.  Seriously though we love Ramen from Crane & Hangar Bay!

Sushi: Sake House on 3rd St hands down!

Italian: Catullo’s hands down!

Mexican: Not to be obnoxious, but again our house!  Jenn grew up in Tucson, which is close to Mexico so she learned how to make authentic Mexican food which is hard to find here.  However, Pepe’s Hacienda is a hole in the wall Mexican store/restaurant that is delicious- just be prepared you’ll be drinking out of red plastic coke cups at dinner tables.  For a fancier texmex experience we love Taco Lu, Cantina Laredo, and Flying Iguana.

A drink: There are so many places for that!  We love Royal Palm, The Chop House Rooftop, Bibi’s, Riverside Liquors, The Local…really any place that has champagne for Jenn & Vodka soda for Randi!

Ice Cream/dessert: We’re not huge ice cream/dessert people, but we used to love O’Hana shaved ice when it was open & the desserts at Biscotti’s are to die for!

When family is in town, where do you take them to entertain them? The beach & the shops in Neptune Beach (We love Bali & The Red Daisy & the book store that’s right there) or to St. Augustine.

Now tell me some fun stuff about yourself, what is your favorite:

Color: Jenn’s favorite is purple.  Randi’s is blue.

Drink: Jenn: champagne.  Randi: vodka with fizzy water and lots of lime juice.

Meal: Randi: Mexican.  Jenn: either crab or Fettucine Alfredo.

Dessert: We both love bread pudding!

Movie treat: Randi: popcorn. Jenn: gummy bears.

Movie: Randi: Shawshank Redemption.  Jenn: The Holiday.

Song: Jenn: My Eyes. Randi: Fancy.

Dream car: Jenn: MG Midget. Randi: 2021 Bronco.

Theme park: DISNEY!!!!!

Holiday: Christmas!

Candy: Jenn: chocolate truffles. Randi: Bit-O-Honey

Cake flavor: Randi: Funfetti. Jenn: chocolate.

And what about your first…

Job: Randi: Ace Hardware.  Jenn: A print shop.

Car: Jenn: Honda CRX. Randi: Geo Prism.

Where were you born? Randi: Jacksonville. Jenn: Rochester New York.

How did you end up in Jacksonville? Jenn accepted her first called position in ministry & moved here from Colorado.

Where do you want to travel to next? Italy & France, but we’re actually headed to Greece because our son wants us to go with him on his graduation trip.

What are your hobbies? When we’re not at Disney, we love to cook & we watch A LOT of reality TV! 

Do you have any pets? 3 dogs!  Peanut, Buddy, and Louis 😊

How to get ahold of Safe Spaces:


Facebook: @safespacesweddings

IG: @safespacesweddings

Headshots by Christy Whitehead Photography

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