“No, that’s not my husband’s car!”
Sally is owned by photographer, Christy Whitehead


Our Mustang is named Sally, because her former owner was named Sally and requested that the car keep the name “Mustang Sally”. (In case you’re too young to remember, click here.)

Sally is gorgeous eye catching custom red color, with a black pony interior. She has power steering, upgraded brakes, and a power roof.

In 1966, she came with a V6 engine, but she has since been upgraded to a 289 V8, with Shelby accents. She was considered a luxury model in 1966 and only 12,500 were made that year. Because convertibles back than were not waterproof, there are not many that have survived. (My grandfather says dealerships in those days told you to get a friend with a towel if you were going to drive around in the rain.)

She is a solid car and is constantly maintained so that she can be a daily driver. She would be an ideal prop for weddings, photo shoots, movie and TV sets, music videos and more.

Our family regularly drives Sally to work, school, dinner and out running errands.

About Sally’s Owners

Jax Mustang is owned by Christy Whitehead. Her first car at 16 was a 1965 Mustang coupe, but the maintenance was too much of an ordeal for a teenager and she sold it. Since than, Christy has LONGED to have another Mustang. Something about that sleek design, and the smell of that leather interior called to her. Christy’s husband started hinting that “maybe” they should get one soon. But for Christy, “maybe” is never an option and once that carrot was dangled, it was ON to find one!

This time around, Christy decided to get a convertible, that way it would be great to rent for weddings and could be used for business. Not to mention, it’s SOOOO much more fun!

EVERYONE always thinks the car belongs to Christy’s husband. But, he’s more into 1969 to newer vehicles. She likes classic, he likes muscle.

Our family regularly drives Sally to work, school, dinner and out running errands. She’s usually the coolest car in the Publix parking lot!

If you spot Sally around town (there’s a jaxmustang.com tag on the front!) and you get a cell phone shot with her, post it to IG with the hashtag #JaxMustang for a chance to win a prize!

Christy is a photographer herself, but does NOT shoot weddings anymore. She loves being apart of couple’s big day with Sally though. And we dream of being in a movie or music video!

Christy and her original 1965 Mustang. (This picture was used for a Folio Weekly article about scammers sending checks to buy cars.)


We are located at 514 Chaffee Point Blvd. #9, Jacksonville, Fl 32221. Please contact us before you come to see the car, as she is garage kept and not at the studio every day.

We are happy to provide service to: Jacksonville, Amelia Island, Fernandina, Clay County, Oakleaf, St. Augustine, St. Johns County, Duval County and more. Please contact us about your location and event for rates and possible travel fees.


My son, Alex, thought the car was too noisy at first and wanted us to send it back. Now he LOVES it. Notice his pony shirt?

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