LGBTQ+ Friendly Weddings — Jacksonville, Fl Vendor Spotlight

I’m always amazed and heartbroken that couples have to ask their vendors whether they are gay/same sex friendly. But there’s a new company in Jacksonville that is all about putting LGBTQ+ couples together with vendors who not only do same sex weddings, but actually care. Meet Jenn an Randi Green, of Safe Spaces Weddings, whichContinue reading “LGBTQ+ Friendly Weddings — Jacksonville, Fl Vendor Spotlight”

VENDOR FEATURE: Susan Dixon Photography

On today’s blog, we’re featuring Susan of Susan Dixon Photography. She’s been photographing families and weddings since 2008. How did you get into that industry?  I had an amazing family photography session with my own family. I wanted to be able to offer that same thing for others! What is the best part about yourContinue reading “VENDOR FEATURE: Susan Dixon Photography”


If you’ve ever hosted an event, you’ve probably come across the question of what to do about plates and dishes. This week, I’m featuring Mara Reaves over at Dish it Out. She’s based out of Amelia Island and has been in business since 2017. Dish it Out rents vintage china for weddings, showers, tea partiesContinue reading “VENDOR FEATURE: Dish It Out”


Today, we’re featuring local paper artist Bello Boopie. You have have seen them at Riverside Arts Market or in the photo shoot we did recently! First, I have to ask, how did you get the name Bello Boopie? The short version, Minions are my favorite (those yellow pill shaped characters), and “Hello” in minionese isContinue reading “VENDOR FEATURE: Bello Boopie”