Vendor Feature: Sweets By Staci

I’ve worked with Staci Glover of Sweets by Staci FOREVER, like since before she became an official cake baker. I don’t even know how we became friends but we’ve always just BEEN in each other’s DMs and she’s the kind of person that every time you see her you’re going to have a good laughContinue reading “Vendor Feature: Sweets By Staci”

LGBTQ+ Friendly Weddings — Jacksonville, Fl Vendor Spotlight

I’m always amazed and heartbroken that couples have to ask their vendors whether they are gay/same sex friendly. But there’s a new company in Jacksonville that is all about putting LGBTQ+ couples together with vendors who not only do same sex weddings, but actually care. Meet Jenn an Randi Green, of Safe Spaces Weddings, whichContinue reading “LGBTQ+ Friendly Weddings — Jacksonville, Fl Vendor Spotlight”