Today, we’re featuring local paper artist Bello Boopie. You have have seen them at Riverside Arts Market or in the photo shoot we did recently!

First, I have to ask, how did you get the name Bello Boopie?

The short version, Minions are my favorite (those yellow pill shaped characters), and “Hello” in minionese is “Bello”  (quite clever for Greeting Card company). My company, since it was incorporated, absorbed my husbands company, “Boopie’s Creations.”  I incorporated my love for Minions and his nickname by my nieces “Uncle Boopie” to form “Bello Boopie”.

The “Market Minion” that goes to shows with Bello Boopie.

What do you do?

Bello Boopie has been helping announce life’s celebrations through unique and custom invitations and stationery.  While weddings have been great for our business, the bulk comes from small celebrations such as baby showers and birthday invitations.

How did you get into that industry?

Mr. Michael started working in the invitation industry in 2005.  Balancing a corporate career while working part-time assisting small businesses, he was offered a chance to “watch the shop” one day a week while provide printing support for social invitations on days he was not working in corporate.  The one on one interaction with customers and the relatively easy flow of Small Business was a catalyst for Mr. Michael to give up Corporate America and enter the Small Business field.

What is the best part about your job?

The beginning and the end.  When the customer finds that perfect invitation that reflects their personal style and taste, there is a smile that cannot be replicated.  It is like a little light went off and they found their perfect match.  When the end product is completed and presented, the customers reaction is equally as satisfying.  Weddings become real when ink goes on paper.

What do you see as a new wedding trend?

We are seeing a trend in less formality and more fun.  When I purchased the business, I identified the stanch formality that has held the invitation industry was not as popular as it once was.  Couples are not sticking with tradition in their wedding themes, and want an invitation to reflect their personal style.  I have revamped the business to focus on locally made resources and pushing the boundaries in what many would call traditional.

What trends are you ready for to go away?

The DIY trends. Invitations, either formal or informal, do not have to cost a pretty penny.  Local designers can be found that offer luxury at a low rate by cutting out the middle man.  We are able to keep our cost low since all production and products are locally sourced.

When we get out of quarantine, what is the first thing you are going to do?

Shop locally!  As a small business owner, and through our community connection campaign, we know many small businesses that are trying to weather the storm.  Having a brick and mortar until 2019, we know the struggles it takes to keep the doors open.

Jessica Thomas Photography

What is your favorite local restaurant?

V’s Pizza.  We love the pizza, but we also love their Charity V for Victory.

Favorite mom & pop shop?

Trove Antiques in Jacksonville, Florida is a new and quirky antique store.

Coconut Barrel in Saint Augustine is filled local arts and crafts.

Favorite place to get dessert?

Riverside Arts Market!  Our personal recommendation are the Loukoumades made by Our Greek Corner.  Treat Yourself Jax also has Rice Krispie Treats that are yummy in your tummy!

Favorite thing to do/place to go on a date night?

I like to go to 5 Points and eat at one of the many unique and local restaurants.  Afterwards, a stroll in the park (Riverside Park or Memorial Park) is almost guaranteed!

What is the most underrated shop or company in North Florida that everyone should know about?

Coconut Barrel.  Over 9000 square feet filled with over 200 local artist and crafters of the First Coast. 

What places do you like to visit in your downtime within an hour from Jacksonville?

This is a toss up.  We like Saint Augustine for the shops, attractions and crowds; however, we often mix it up to reconnect with nature.  Mike Roess Goldhead Branch State Park offers 1930 Civilian Corp built cabins and lots of trails to escape from civilization. Because of it’s location away from city lights, the stars shine bright at night!

How about a day’s drive?

Savannah, Georgia hands down!

What is your favorite car of all time?

I’ve always been partial to the vintage Volkswagen Vans. 

What car did your parents’ own when you were growing up?

My mother drove a 1963 Oldsmobile Cutlass.  She drove it until 2001.

My father had a Ford pick-up truck and Chevrolet van.

What is your favorite car color?

Not Black, for sure!  My first, and only other car was 1998 Tan Nissan Pathfinder.  I loved that SUV mainly because the tan color blended well with the pollen season!

What songs do you like to blast when you are driving around?

I’m a 90’s music kind of guy mainly; but I am an old soul that can go as far back as music from the 1700’s (Classical music).

Anything else you want to add about anything?

Through our community connection campaign, Bello Boopie has been able to close our brick and mortar and get the next generation of writers and paper lovers excited again! Through our interactions with customers at Riverside Arts Market, Orange Park Farmers and Arts Market, and Art Walk Downtown Jacksonville, we have successfully broken the mold of stuffy and formal invitations and stationery.  With proud roots in Jacksonville for 50 years, we also source our paper locally from a zero waste FSC certified company in South Georgia.

Where can people find you:





Phone: 904-290-3060 (Text Preferred)

Let’s ride!

If you’re looking for a fun getaway car, prop or focal point for your wedding, event, video or film, look no further than Sally. She’s a 1966 Ford Mustang convertible with a black Pony interior and power roof.

Find us on FB & IG at @Jax66Mustang

Email us for more info Or visit our website at

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